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HalfRain eStore: a Microsoft Partner (Retail/Volume) Store for all released Windows, Server OSes & Remote Desktop Services (RDS CAL) Licensing for Home, Work & Business Computers, Servers or Datacenters. We are ready to serve all listed product and licenses within few minutes on any emergency moment. If you have low budget for your business Software & network infrastructure, we would be your best choice to solve the issue. Because you can buy genuine product and license with a discount price from us by skipping few parts of the product which aren't essential, like: dedicated support, agreements & documentation. this will bring down the product price on your limit. For Your Information: general support is always available from Microsoft.

Formal purchase & agreements: if you have no budget issue then we will suggest you to buy the whole package with papers and documents. If so, Product & license Price will go 2x to 10x Higher than the Site listed price. In that case, instead of directly buying you should contact us for an updated price & invoice. informal & Straight purchase from this web store: If you buy directly through the site/store, that means you are buying the Software & License only without any technical support, agreements, and documentation.

Base platform safety, security & Payment: Our store is very Simple, Safe & Secured. Our business platform based on Google Workspace & Microsoft for All listed products & Licenses, business email, sites, store, documents .. etc. We only accept PayPal or Debit/Credit Card through PayPal as the payment method for both end safety & security.

Delivery time: fast Digital delivery, within 10 minutes to maximum 8 hour(depending on the purchase time & working hour) of receiving an order & payment. We will send an order confirmation mail after receiving your payment and then will send the delivery confirmation mail to your PayPal ID with all required information, included software download link/links & a Brand New License. We will add the License key as a tracking number on your PayPal transaction too & will be marked as shipped.

accidental issue: In case, we are not notified(rare case) of your order & payment or you didn't get the delivery mail after 8 hours of your payment, be sure there is something wrong, at first check your spam folder, nothing there? for that type accidental issue please don't hesitate to contact us. Our business hour is: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM of UTC/GMT -8.00 Time Zones: CA, United States.

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