Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services CAL

Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services - represents a powerful solution for organizations seeking secure and efficient remote access to Windows applications and desktops. With RDS, businesses can centralize the management of user sessions, granting remote workers access to critical resources while maintaining control and security. Key components like Remote Desktop Session Hosts (RDSH), Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway), and Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access) enable users to connect seamlessly over the internet or a local network, accessing applications and desktops from a variety of devices. RDS also offers the flexibility of RemoteApp, allowing individual applications to be virtualized and delivered to users as if they were locally installed. This technology is not only a means of enhancing productivity but also ensures data encryption, authentication, and scalability to accommodate evolving organizational needs, making it a crucial asset in the modern workplace.

Remote Desktop Services 2022 also characterized by forward compatibility. So you can continue to use this program even if a new version of the Windows server should appear. As usual Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services(RDS) offers two main types of Client Access Licenses (CAL):

Upgrade to Windows Server 2022 RDS CALs - Licensing for Enhanced Remote Access

Note: We do not have any single Device or User CAL. Each Listed License or CAL applicable for minimum 50 Device or 50 User Activation in the server. If you are looking for a different version of Remote Desktop Services, please visit: RDS-2019, RDS-2016 & RDS-2012

Windows Server 2022 RDS CALs License Key - Secure Remote Desktop Connections

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DEVICE Access License & USER Access License

Windows Server 2022 RDS CALs Activation - Enable Remote User Connectivity
Buy Windows Server 2022 RDS Device CALs - Strengthen Remote Desktop Connections
Windows Server 2022 RDS CALs Licensing Options - Choose the Right Plan

RDS DEVICE CAL: for every device that accesses your server, regardless of the number of users who use that device to access the server.

Buy Windows Server 2022 RDS USER CALs - Seamless Remote Access
Efficient User Management with RDS CALs - All Features Unlocked

RDS USER CAL: for every user who accesses the server to use services, regardless of the number of devices they use for that access.

Read Me: 100% brand new and genuine. Each purchase included Retail version License for the listed product. PayPal is the only accepted payment method in our store for enhanced safety and security. Please note: No software is included or required for RDS licensing. This is a license key to activate your RDS License Server, enabling acceptance of remote user or device access to your work or business remote desktop environments. If you don't have basic knowledge of Windows Server and Remote Desktop Licensing, please don't buy from us. Thanks for the understanding.

To activate, navigate to Server Manager, navigate to Remote Desktop Services > RD Licensing > Install Licenses. Follow the wizard to add the purchased CALs to the licensing server. When prompted for the type of license, choose "Retail version or Retail License" from the drop-down menu, and proceed following the on-screen instructions. 

Delivery time: 5 minutes to 30 minutes during our business (GMT -8:00) hours, otherwise it should take up-to 8 hours. You must read and agree Our & Microsoft Terms & Conditions before your order. Yet not clear or any confusion don't hesitate to Contact Us!

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Note: We always issue brand new product licenses directly from Microsoft's Licensing Server after the sale, ensuring that you receive an unused license exclusive to you.

Install and Activate RDS CAL on Windows Server 2022

Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses (RDS CAL) are required to allow users or devices to connect to and use Remote Desktop Services on a Windows Server. These CALs need to be installed and activated on the server to ensure compliance with licensing requirements. Here are the steps to install and activate RDS CALs:

Obtain Windows Server 2022 RDS CALs:

Install the RDS Licensing Role:

Activate the RDS Licensing Server:

Install RDS CALs:

Configure RDS Host Servers:

After completing these steps, your RDS CAL should be installed and activated, and allowing users or devices to connect to Remote Desktop Services on your server in compliance with Microsoft licensing requirements. Please check the following links for your configuration, installation and recovery:

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