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Windows Server 2022: is an upcoming version of the Windows Server server operating system by Microsoft, as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, developed concurrently with Windows 10 version 21H2. It was released on August 18, 2021. It is getting secured-core capabilities to secure systems, secured-core server builds on technologies such as Windows Defender System Guard and Virtualization-based Security to minimize risk from firmware vulnerabilities and advanced malware. It also provides secured connectivity by introducing several new capabilities such as faster and more secure encrypted HTTPS connections and industry standard SMB AES 256 encryption.

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Product Details: Windows Server 2022 (Updated September, 2021)

Publisher : MicrosoftRelease Type : Latest version 09/21/2021License Type : Retail version (Digital License)Build Number : 21H2 - Ver. or later versionProduct Name : Windows Server 2022Product version : Essentials (N/A), Standard (16-Core) or Datacenter (16-Core)Delivery Method : Online Delivery (Email)Brand : MicrosoftLanguage(s) : English (USA) - for different language message usMedia Format : Digital (ISO DVD Image) - Direct download from MicrosoftBit Version : 64-bit OSFirst Release : 08/18/2021

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Product and Licensing: Listed Product and license is: Retail version, 16-Cores Digital product & License for Windows Server 2022 Standard & Datacenter edition, and Essentials (not available right now) edition limited for 25 User, 50 Device and 2-CPU only. Anything else: please contact us.

Windows Server 2022 Retail Product & Licensing for Business Datacenters

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Server Core option that omits the GUI for a smaller OS footprint
Standard edition is flexible for mid range to high end business
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Windows Server 2022 has three editions based on your organization size, datacenter, and virtualization requirements as their names imply, they are designed for organizations of different sizes. It comes with two installation options, the full Desktop Experience, and the Server Core option that omits the GUI for a smaller OS footprint:

    • Datacenter edition: Ideal for companies of all sizes that have demanding IT workloads, require advanced storage, virtualization, and application deployment.

    • Standard edition: For businesses that need advanced features, support for distributed office locations, and require a flexible way to virtualize their environment.

    • Essentials edition: For small companies with basic IT needs purchasing a first server; likely small or no dedicated IT department. Essentials is also a good option for customers who have previously used Windows Server Foundation.

Windows Server 2022 is getting secured-core capabilities to secure systems
Datacenter edition: designed for IT workloads, require advanced storage, virtualization, and application deployment.
Essentials edition not available on the store right now
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Windows Server 2022 is the next release in the Long term servicing channel. It introduces advanced multilayer security, hybrid capabilities with Azure and a flexible application platform.

Windows Server 2022 provides many improvements in different areas of the server operating system. It improves hybrid server management and has an enhanced event viewer and many more new capabilities in Windows Admin Center. Furthermore, this release includes improvements to Windows containers, such as smaller image size for faster download, simplified network policy implementation and containerization tools for .NET applications.

  • Advanced multi-layered security – Windows Server 2022 offers Multi-layer security with Secured-core server and secured connectivity. Secured-core server means our hardware partners have provided hardware, firmware, and drivers to help customers harden the security of their critical systems.

  • Hybrid capabilities with Azure – Customers in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment can take advantage of cloud services with on-premises Windows Server 2022 by connecting with Azure Arc, using features like Update Management, Azure Monitor, Security Center, and many more!In addition you take advantage of the File Server enhancements such as SMB Compression. SMB Compression improves application file transfer by compressing data while in transit over a network.

  • Flexible application platform – Windows Server 2022 can take advantage of scalability improvements such as support for 48TB of memory and 2,048 logical cores running on 64 physical sockets and many additional improvements to Windows Containers, for example improves application compatibility of Windows containers, includes Host-process containers for node configuration, supports IPv6 and dual-stack, and enables consistent network policy implementation with Calico, and bring the new capabilities to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and AKS on Azure Stack HCI.

Licensing and pricing overview:

Windows Server 2022 Licensing: A Core license must be assigned to each physical core for Standard/Datacenter edition, with a minimum of 8 Core licenses per processor, and a minimum of 16 Core licenses per server. For example, a single processor with 4 cores requires 16 Core licenses, and a 4-processor server with 8 cores on each processor requires 32 Core licenses.

Minimum License Requirements for Datacenter & Standard edition:

  • All physical cores must be licensed

  • 8 core licenses per processor

  • 16 core licenses per server

Windows Server 2022 Core licenses are purchased in 2-packs or 16-packs and RDS CAL for Enabling Remote Desktop Services User/Device Access License from Microsoft Reseller or Partner like us: HalfRain eStore & CoreYZ Network

To give you a more consistent licensing experience across multi-cloud environments, we transitioned from processor-based licensing to core-based licensing for Datacenter and Standard editions. For specific pricing, contact your Microsoft reseller.

  • CALs are required for every user or device accessing a server. See the Product Use Rights for details.

  • Datacenter and Standard edition pricing is for 16 core licenses.

  • Pricing is shown in USD and may vary from country to country. Please contact us for a quote if you need more then 16-core license.

Microsoft Latest Release of Windows Server 2022 Licensing and Pricing overview for retail business
16-Pack Core License included on Datacenter or Standard edition

Recommended System Requirements

Processor requirements:
    • A minimum of 1.4 GHz 64-bit EMT64 or AMD64 processor. Quad Core Recommended for production systems.
    • Support for security features like NX Bit and DEP (Data Execution Prevention).
    • The processor should support CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, and PrefetchWNeeds.
    • Needs to Support EPT or NPT (Second Level Address Translation).
Disk Space:For Core installation, a minimum Disk Space of 32 GB is required. Additional 4 GB is necessary for GUI installation.Disk Space Capacity Planning:Microsoft Support recommends the following:
    • 3 times the RAM size limited up to 32 GB. Which means 96 GB (32×3 = 96 GB).
    • Additional disk space of 10-12 GB for additional roles and features installed based on server roles. For 32 GB Systems with GUI (96 + 12 = 108 GB).
    • Additional 10 GB is required for Windows Updates. So, 108 GB +10 GB = 118 GB for 32 GB Systems.
    • 10 GB extra space for miscellaneous files and logs (Perfmon, Server Trace, etc.) (128 GB for 32 GB Systems).
    • Any Disk Space requirements for applications that are installed on the OS partition are additional. For example SQL, Exchange, SharePoint MS-CRM, etc.
Disk Controller:
    • Needs to be a PCI Express Compliant Disk Controller.
    • ATA/PATA/IDE/EIDE are not supported for either boot, page, or data.
RAM (Random Access memory) Requirements:
    • 512 MB ECC supported Memory Modules.
    • 800 MB for VM Installations, post-installation, reduce RAM to 512 MB.
Optional System Requirements Features:
    • Support of UEFI 2.3.1c-based system and firmware with support for secure boot.
    • Trusted Platform Module.
    • Graphics Accelerator device and monitor, capable of SVGA (1024 x 768) minimum. 1080 p monitors or higher-resolution recommended.
    • Input devices such as a Keyboard and Microsoft® mouse (or other compatible pointing devices).
    • Internet access to download Windows Updates where the tenant is managing the updates.
Network Requirements:
    • Minimum a Gigabit Ethernet adapter with 1 Gbps throughput.
    • Needs to be PCI Express Compliant hardware.
    • Support for Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE). As you may know, Wireless Devices cannot be used to boot from the network.

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