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Windows Server 2022: the pinnacle of server operating systems, is your foundation for a robust infrastructure supporting interconnected applications, networks, and web services. As a Windows Server administrator, your pivotal role involves securing, maintaining, and aligning your infrastructure with your business objectives. This cornerstone of Microsoft's ecosystem propels hybrid cloud networks forward.

Key highlights of Windows Server 2022 include enhanced security with Windows Defender and secured-core server features, seamless integration with Azure services for hybrid cloud setups, and robust support for cutting-edge hardware, boasting up to 48TB of RAM and 2,048 virtual CPUs. Moreover, it places a strong emphasis on application compatibility to ease migrations. Its versatility shines through with both graphical and Server Core installation options to suit diverse infrastructure needs.

This operating system also pioneers virtualization advancements, offering support for nested virtualization and secure boot for Linux VMs. If you seek a server OS embodying security, dependability, and scalability, Windows Server 2022 is your answer. It equips businesses with essential tools to confidently embrace the digital era, reflecting Microsoft's commitment to conquering future challenges and ensuring your business not only competes but excels. Integrate Windows Server 2022 to embark on a transformative journey towards a secure, agile, and future-ready IT landscape.

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Windows Server 2022 - Licensing & Pricing

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Windows Server 2022 provides a tailored approach to meet the diverse needs of businesses, regardless of size or virtualization requirements. The three primary editions offered are:

In addition to the three editions, Windows Server 2022 also offers two installation options: 

Choose the Windows Server edition and installation option that aligns best with your organization's unique needs, ensuring an efficient and secure IT environment. 

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Datacenter: Azure Edition: VM-only operating system

Licensing and Pricing Overview

Licensing and Pricing Overview

Minimum Core License Requirements

Windows Server 2022 Standard & Datacenter editions both operate under a core-based licensing model. The number of core licenses needed depends on whether you're licensing based on the physical cores of the server or by virtual machine, with a minimum requirement of 8 core licenses per physical processor and a minimum of 16 core licenses per physical server. 

Minimum 16-core license required for Windows Server Standard & Datacenter edition

How to Convert Windows Server Evaluation to Retail & Licensed version?

If you've downloaded and installed the Windows Server 2022 Evaluation/Trial version in your test environment and wish to transition it seamlessly to your production and business environment without data loss, you'll need to convert your Evaluation server to a Retail and Licensed version. To learn how to do this, please refer to our guide on converting evaluation to Retail & Licensed version

Minimum Hardware requirements

Processor requirements:

Disk Space:

For Core installation, a minimum Disk Space of 32 GB is required. Additional 4 GB is necessary for GUI installation.

Disk Space Capacity Planning:

Microsoft Support recommends the following:

Disk Controller:

RAM (Random Access memory) Requirements:

Optional System Requirements Features:

Network Requirements:

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