Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC-2019/2021 & LTSB-2016

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC-2021 (Long-Term Servicing Channel) -: is a specialized edition of Windows 10 designed for large-scale enterprises and organizations that require a stable and long-term operating system with minimal feature updates. LTSC versions of Windows 10 are intended for systems that need to remain unchanged for an extended period of time, typically because they serve critical functions and any alterations to the system could introduce instability or compatibility issues. It's worth noting that while LTSC provides stability and long-term support, it may not be suitable for all use cases. It lacks some of the latest features and improvements found in the regular Windows 10 editions, which are updated more frequently. Therefore, it's important for organizations to carefully assess their specific needs before deciding to use Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC. Additionally, Microsoft may release newer LTSC versions periodically, and organizations should evaluate whether upgrading to a newer LTSC version is necessary to maintain security and compatibility.. What's new in LTSC-2021?

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC-2019 (Long-Term Servicing Channel) -: is an earlier version of the specialized Windows 10 Enterprise edition designed for large-scale organizations and enterprises. It shares many of the characteristics of other LTSC releases, including long-term support and stability. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 has been a popular choice for organizations that prioritize system stability, predictability, and long-term support. However, it's important to consider that LTSC releases may not include the latest features and improvements found in the regular Windows 10 editions. Therefore, organizations should carefully evaluate their specific needs and assess whether an LTSC version is the right choice for their use case. What's new in LTSC-2019?

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB-2016 (Long-Term Servicing Branch) -: is an even earlier version of the specialized Windows 10 Enterprise edition that, like LTSC, is designed for large-scale organizations and enterprises. LTSB and LTSC are essentially the same concept, with LTSB being used in some early documentation and then transitioning to LTSC in later versions. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 was released as a long-term support edition and shares several key features with LTSC editions. It's essential to note that Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016, like other LTSB/LTSC versions, may not include the latest features and improvements found in the regular Windows 10 editions. Therefore, organizations should carefully assess their specific needs and consider whether an LTSB/LTSC version is the right choice for their use case. Additionally, organizations should be aware that newer LTSC versions are available, and they may need to plan for upgrades to maintain security and compatibility. What's new in LTSB-2016.

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This edition of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC-2021/2019 or LTSB-2016 comes as volume license only with multiple device (Industrial Computer/ATM/POS/Medical Equipment) activation licensing power, there is no single device license for any Enterprise edition included LTSC or LTSB. Please contact us for LTSB-2015

Industrial Computer software is Windows LTSC 2021
Industrial hardware with Windows 10 LTSC 2019
Medical Equipment with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021
ATM system with Windows LTSB and LTSC
highend Industrial Computer
Special computing system like ATM/POS/Medical Equipment

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What is N version? Microsoft was required to create the "N" editions of Windows after the European Commission ruled in 2004 that it needed to provide a copy of Windows without Windows Media Player tied in. The costs of the N Editions are the same as the full versions, as the "Media Feature Pack" can be downloaded without charge from Microsoft .

Both Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC & LTSB uses a new approach to providing updates to users because it's made for special Hardware, like: Industrial Computer/ATM/POS/Medical Equipment and supported list will be found on this link. Traditionally Microsoft would release a version of Windows and then provide updates such as security and bug fixes, but not add any major, new functionality. Every few years Microsoft would release a new version of Windows that contains updates and new features but this meant customers would always have to wait years for new functionality. With Windows 10, Microsoft is giving users greater choice in how they receive new features with the introduction of a long-term servicing branch (LTSB) and a current branch (CB) version. 

 LTSC/LTSB for Industrial Hardware, Computers or Desktops

Microsoft has been released Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC-2021/2019 and LTSB-2016/2015 for using industrial devices and best use on device of self-service terminals, POS, ATM, kiosks, medical systems, industrial systems with controllers, ATMs, air traffic control computers, etc.

  • Up to 10 years of security updates
  • Stable operating system without redundant and potentially security threatening apps
  • More freedom of choice than with Standard Enterprise Edition
  • Optimal option with special hardware demanding a very secure environment
  • Supports the current processor generation

Important note

The Long-Term Servicing Channel is not intended for deployment on most or all the PCs in an organization. The LTSC/LTSB edition of Windows 10 provides customers with access to a deployment option for their special-purpose devices and environments. These devices typically perform a single important task and don’t need feature updates as frequently as other devices in the organization. These devices are also typically not heavily dependent on support from external apps and tools. Since the feature set for LTSB/LTSC does not change for the lifetime of the release, over time there might be some external tools that do not continue to provide legacy support. Please check: LTSC: What is it, and when it should be used. As with the Semi-Annual Channel, LTSC devices receive regular quality and security updates to ensure that device security stays up to date. While quality updates are available for Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, you can choose to defer them using tools such as Windows Update for Business or System Center Configuration Manager.

About volume licensing: What is MAK (Multiple Activation Key) License?

A Multiple Activation Key (MAK) activates systems on a one-time basis, using Microsoft's hosted activation services (which requires connection with a Microsoft activation server). Once computers are activated, no further communication with Microsoft is required.

Important: Each MAK has a predetermined number of allowed activation, based on your Volume Licensing agreement. Contact the Microsoft Activation Center to increase your MAK activation limit.

You can activate licenses in one of two ways using MAK:

MAK Independent Activation - Each computer individually connects to Microsoft via the web or telephone to complete activation.

MAK Proxy Activation - One centralized activation request is made on behalf of multiple computers with a single connection to Microsoft online or by telephone. This method uses the Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT), which is a part of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK). VAMT enables IT Professionals to automate and centrally manage the Volume Activation process using MAK, and includes a check on the number of activation on the MAK.

Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) Technical Reference:Activation Management Tool. Lets make it easy: by a Volume or MAK (Multiple Activation Key) License can be used to activate multiple computers, where Retail License can be used for a single computer activation only.

Let's simplify it: With a MAK (Multiple Activation Key) License, you gain the ability to use and activate multiple computers. In contrast, a Retail License is designed for activating a single computer only. 

System & Hardware Requirements:

Processor 1 GHz CPU, x86 or x64 processors and SoCsMemory 1 GB (32-bit), 2 GB (64-bit)Graphics card SVGA (32 Bit per Pixel)Sound card n.a.Hard disk 16 GB (32-bit), 20 GB (64-bit)Screen minimum resolution 800x600 pixels, recommended minimum resolution 1366x768 pixelsTrusted Platform Module (TPM) - requiredUEFI Secure Boot - required
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