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Windows 10 - is an advanced and adaptable operating system that delivers a seamless and user-friendly computing experience. With a variety of innovative features, it enables users to enhance productivity, strengthen security, and customize their computing environment to their specific needs. One of the key strengths of Windows 10 is its robust security features, including Windows Hello, BitLocker, and Windows Defender, which protect users against unauthorized access and malicious attacks. These advanced security measures provide users with peace of mind and a secure computing environment. In addition, Windows 10 offers a suite of productivity tools such as Cortana virtual assistant, the Microsoft Edge browser, and the Microsoft Office suite. These tools are designed to help users work more efficiently and stay organized, boosting their productivity and streamlining their workflow. Windows 10 also boasts a sleek and modern interface that is customizable with tiles and themes. This makes it easy for users to personalize their desktop and create an organized and streamlined workspace. With regular updates and patches, users can be confident that their system is always up-to-date and running smoothly, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency. Overall, Windows 10 is a powerful and adaptable operating system that offers users a comprehensive and intuitive computing experience.

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•Note: There is no single computer License available for Enterprise and Enterprise LTSC & LTSB edition. Enterprise and Enterprise LTSC/LTSB released as volume license only.

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What is Windows N version? Microsoft was required to create the "N" editions of Windows after the European Commission ruled in 2004 that it needed to provide a copy of Windows without Windows Media Player tied in. The costs of the N Editions are the same as the full versions, as the "Media Feature Pack" can be downloaded without charge from Microsoft here Media Feature Pack for N and KN - all versions

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Windows 10: Base Line and other edition

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Windows 10 is available in five main editions for personal computing devices; the Home and Pro editions of which are sold at retail in most countries, and as pre-loaded software on new computers. Home is aimed at home users, while Pro is aimed at power users and small businesses. Each edition of Windows 10 includes all of the capabilities and features of the edition below it, and add additional features oriented towards their market segments; for example, Pro adds additional networking and security features such as BitLocker, Device Guard, Windows Update for Business, and the ability to join a domain. Enterprise and Education, the other editions, contain additional features aimed towards business environments, and are only available through volume licensing.

Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home edition is designed for use in PCs, tablets and 2-in-1 PCs. It includes all features directed at consumers.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro includes all features of Home edition, with additional capabilities that are oriented towards professionals and/or business environments, such as Active Directory, Remote Desktop, BitLocker, Hyper-V, and Defender Device Guard.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is designed for high-end hardware for intensive computing tasks and supports Intel Xeon, AMD Opteron and the AMD Ryzen Threadripper, AMD Epyc processors; up to four CPUs; up to 6 TB RAM; the ReFS file system; Non-Volatile Dual In-line Memory Module (NVDIMM); and remote direct memory access (RDMA).

Organizational Editions

Windows 10 Education

Education edition is distributed through Academic Volume Licensing. It was built off of Enterprise edition and initially reported to have the same feature set. As of version 1709, however, this edition has fewer features. 

Pro Education

Education edition was introduced in July 2016 for hardware partners on new devices purchased with the discounted K–12 academic license. It was built off of the Pro edition of Windows 10 and contains the mostly same features as Pro with different options disabled by default, and adds options for setup and deployment in an education environment. It also features a "Set Up School PCs" app that allows provisioning of settings using a USB flash drive, and does not include Cortana, Microsoft Store suggestions, or Windows Spotlight.

Windows 10 Enterprise

Enterprise edition provides all the features of Pro edition, with additional features to assist with IT-based organizations. Windows 10 Enterprise is configurable on three branches, Semi-Annual Channel, Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted), and Windows Insider. And this version comes as volume version only for multiple device (like: 5/10 desktops/laptops) License.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021/2019 & LTSB 2015/2016

Enterprise LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) is a long-term support version of Enterprise edition released every 2 to 3 years. Each release is supported with security updates for 10 years after its release, and intentionally receive no feature updates. Some features, including the Microsoft Store and bundled apps, are not included in this edition. This edition was first released as Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB/LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Branch/Channel). There are currently 4 releases of LTSB/LTSC: one in 2015 (version 1507), one in 2016 (version 1607), and one in 2019 (version 1809) and latest one in Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 (version 21H2).

Minimum System Requirements

The basic hardware requirements to install Windows 10 were initially the same as those for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8, and only slightly higher than for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. As of the May 2019 update, the minimum disk space requirement has been increased to 32 GB. In addition, on new installations, Windows permanently reserves up to 7 GB of disk space in order to ensure proper installation of future feature updates. 

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