HalfRain® e-Store

Microsoft Partner for Retail and Business Software and Licensing

HalfRain® eStore: We are Microsoft Partner from 2014 and doing business in Information Technology through this Web-Store. Specially selling Microsoft Retail & Volume License, Software & RDS CALs for Home, Work & Business Computers, Servers or Datacenters. We are trying to keep the site as simple as possible. So we did not keep any registration process to not share your personal data with us. And we do not share our business data with any one else too. Our Store is 100% Safe & Secured.

It's simple as .. One Click to select and Buy Now from the listed product and pay straight through PayPal with PayPal Money Back Guarantee. You should know, any PayPal transaction is 100% Safe & Secured for both-end encryption and most trusted payment method for any Online Purchase through the years.

Well, next .. How do we deliver the product to our clients/buyers/customers? We delivered the Purchased Product(Microsoft Download Link) and License by a simple text mail to our Buyer's PayPal ID (the email id used to register on PayPal) within 10 minutes to maximum 8 hours after receiving the payment.

Warning: Sometimes you may need to wait till the maximum time frame!! Why and When? If you order the product on our non-business hour. Our Business hour is: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM of UTC/GMT -7.00 Time Zones - Los Angeles, California, USA.

Currently Available Products are: Windows 11 - All Editions, Windows Server 2022 - Standard & Datacenter (Latest release on 09/21/2021), Windows Server 2022 Remote Desktop Services (RDS) CALs, Windows 10 - all version, Windows Server 2019 - All Editions, Windows Server 2019 RDS CALs, Windows Server 2016 - All Editions, Windows Server 2016 RDS CALs, Windows Server 2012 R2 - All Editions, Windows Server 2012 RDS CALs, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8.1 with Update, Windows 7 with SP1 ... etc. For any unlisted Microsoft Product, please contact us!

"Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry ".
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