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Windows 8.1 - is the Best visual OS ever made by Microsoft: it offers completely new user experiences that users love while delivering enterprise-grade capabilities that IT departments need. Windows 8.1 represents a big change from its predecessors, one that requires a thoughtful and thorough plan for training and orienting new users. This chapter describes what you need to know about the changes in the Windows 8.1 user experience so that you can make those plans intelligently. It also points to new customization options that IT pros might want to deploy to make the experience more comfortable for users who work primarily in a desktop environment.

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What is (N) edition: Microsoft was required to create the "N" editions of Windows after the European Commission ruled in 2004 that it needed to provide a copy of Windows without Media Player tied in. The costs of the N Editions are the same as the full versions, as the "Media Feature Pack" can be downloaded without charge from Microsoft from here: Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions

INSTALLATION AND USE RIGHTS of your Operating System

a. One Copy per Computer. You may install one copy of the software on one computer. That computer is the “licensed computer.”
b. Licensed Computer. You may use the software on up to two processors on the licensed computer at one time. Unless otherwise provided in these license terms, you may not use the software on any other computer.
c. Number of Users. Unless otherwise provided in these license terms, only one user may use the software at a time.
d. Alternative Versions. The software may include more than one version, such as 32-bit and 64-bit. You may install and use only one version at one time.

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Windows 8.1 comes in three different versions: Pro, Basic/Home/Core and Enterprise

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  • Basic/Home Edition – or just Windows 8.1 is intended for home users. This version includes the core features, but none of the business features. Basic Edition is great for those general consumers (mother, grandmother, father, step-uncle, far removed cousin).
  • Pro – is the operating system intended for small and medium-sized businesses. It provides abilities such as joining corporate domains, participating in Group Policy, allowing involvement in Work Place Join and Work Folders, encryption and more. You can find a good list of business features in the The IT Guide to Windows 8.1. Note that some of the new business features in Windows 8.1 Pro require a server running Windows Server 2012 R2 somewhere in the organization.
  • Enterprise – is the version that brings business premium features to Windows. Available through Windows Software Assurance, Windows 8.1 Enterprise includes all of the same features of Windows 8.1 Pro and then adds things like Windows To Go, DirectAccess, BranchCache, AppLocker, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and Windows 8 app deployment.

How do I know if I'm running genuine Windows?

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The best way to know is to make sure to Get Windows or a PC with preinstalled either directly from Microsoft or from a local or online retail store that you know and trust.

For other ways to check if you're running genuine Windows, visit the What to look for page on the Microsoft How to Tell website.

Transform your computer by upgrading to a powerful new operating system with this Microsoft Windows® 8.1. After installing, your device will run the full version of Windows® 8.1, which makes the best of work and play. The version brings all aspects of your life together, and allows you to personalise the way you view it with more tile sizes, colours, backgrounds and side-by-side views of applications and websites.

With the new Start screen, you can get to your familiar desktop or discover popular and unique applications in the Windows® Store. Access your files over the Internet with built-in SkyDrive, allowing you to share your most recent business developments or latest holiday photos securely and quickly. With Microsoft Windows® 8.1 you can create, play, discover, connect and work in a user-friendly environment that makes the most of your laptop, computer or tablet. Windows 8.1 can be installed on a new PC or to upgrade your current PC from Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP.

What’s new with Microsoft Windows 8.1

  • Get to it all from the new Start screen, even your familiar desktop
  • Discover popular and unique apps in the Windows Store
  • Personalize with more tile sizes, colors, & backgrounds
  • Do more with side by side views of apps and sites
  • Access photos & files virtually anywhere with SkyDrive built-in
  • Search, browse, and share more securely and quickly
  • Protect your data by encrypting it with BitLocker
  • Access one PC from another with Remote Desktop
  • Connect to your company network with domain join

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Outlook Email and Multitask
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Video Editing
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Photo App
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OneNote and Familiar Desktop
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It Plays as Hard as it Works

It gives you the power to quickly browse, watch movies, play games, polish your resume, and pull together a killer presentation — all on a single PC. Now you can organize up to three apps on your screen at once in a single view.

The Start Screen

Personalize your Start screen with your favorite news, friends, social networks, and apps. Customizable colors and backgrounds and four different sizes of tiles make your device as unique as you are.

The Apps you Want

In addition to great built-in apps for email, people, photos and video editing – you can also download thousands of popular apps from the Windows Store, including Netflix, ESPN, Skype and Halo: Spartan Assault.


Stay up to date and more secure with Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Update.


Windows 8.1 starts up faster, switches between apps faster, and uses power more efficiently than previous versions of Windows, including Windows 7.

Your Familiar Desktop

From the Start screen, you are just a click away from the familiar Windows desktop you know so you can do the stuff you’ve always done.

Multitasking Made Easy

It’s easy to do more at once. Snap multiple apps side by side in a single view for easy multitasking.

Mouse, Keyboard—and now Touch

Windows 8.1 works harmoniously with various types of devices, including touch, mouse-and-keyboard, or both. Whatever kind of device you have, you'll discover fast and fluid ways to switch between apps, move things around, and go smoothly from one place to another.

Your files everywhere

Stay connected to your photos and important files and access them on your phone, tablet or PC with SkyDrive. By signing in with your Microsoft account to any of your PCs running Windows 8.1 and you'll immediately see your own background, display preferences, and settings. Special gift: Best Wallpaper

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