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 Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services CALs (User/Device) | Retail Version

Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services CAL: Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 2019 is a Microsoft service allows users to connect to a remote PC and to access work resources from any device. Connect to your work PC and access all of your apps, files, and resources as easily as if you were in your office. Always continue working from where where you left off. Windows Server Remote Desktop Services is like having your office with you at all times. Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop improves your workflow and lets you get more accomplished. New features and flexibility help you stay connected and always on task no matter what comes up. Securely connect remote users • Users can get access from managed or unmanaged devices • Connect to session-based or virtual-machine based desktops • Use datacenter apps within corporate networks or from the internet. 

Product Detail:

Publisher             : Microsoft
Release Type       : Windows Server 2019 RDS CAL (Device or User License)
License Type        : Retail Version - Digital License
Build Number       : NA
Product Name      : Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services (User or Device) CALs

Product version     : NA
Delivery Method    : Online Delivery (Email)
Brand                  : Microsoft
Language(s)         : NA
Media Format       : Text License Key (5x5 license number)
Bit Version           : NA
Released Update  : 1/12/2018 (your license will be issued after the sale from licensing server)
rds cal for windows server 2019 user and device licensing

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Buy Windows Server 2019 RDS CALs (50/100-USER)

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Read Me: It is digital & retail version of Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services (50/100 User/Device) CALs (5x5 license key) for your Remote Desktop license server activation, to allow the license server to issue Remote Desktop Services client access licenses to your user/device. No additional software required or included. After receiving your payment we will issue a brand new RDS CAL (5x5 license key) and will be sent by a simple text mail to your payment email id and it (5x5 license) will be added on PayPal shipping zone as your tracking number too. Please read our and Microsoft terms & condition before your order: Sales T&C. 

Warning - If you are not experienced or IT professional with basic knowledge about Windows Server RDS licensing, please don't buy from us. Because no refund option available (after issuing a CAL license from the Microsoft licensing server, there is no way to return). Please be sure & serious on the business. You are paying for a 5x5 license key (retail version) to active 50-user/device on your rds licensing server and we guarantee about the product license will be 100% brand new & genuine and can be use on any business deal too. If you are a professional, simply skip this warning and order now, we are ready to serve as promised as written. Thanks.

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Per Device Per User
CALs are physically assigned to each device. CALs are assigned to a user in Active Directory.
CALs are tracked and enforced by the license server. CALs are tracked but not enforced by the license server.
CALs can be tracked regardless of Active Directory membership. CALs cannot be tracked within a workgroup.
You can revoke up to 20% of CALs. You cannot revoke any CALs.
Temporary CALs are valid for 52-89 days. Temporary CALs are not available.
CALs cannot be overallocated. CALs can be overallocated (in breach of the Remote Desktop licensing agreement).

In Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services:

Remote Desktop Connection Broker connects users with their remote desktops. With this feature, if the connection drops, users re-establish the connection without resetting the virtual state of the virtual desktop. The Broker is aware of both remote and VDI sessions
Remote Desktop Gateway assigns end users to a desktop or RemoteApp program over the WAN or Internet.
Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) lets a server host session-based desktops or RemoteApps.
Remote Desktop Virtualization Host is the server that hosts the virtual desktops.
Remote Desktop Web Access lets users access remote desktops or RemoteApps from the Start menu or a browser.
RemoteApp allows you to deliver virtual applications to users instead of full desktops. RemoteApp integrates with the desktop and makes applications appear to be running locally. RemoteApp bridges application compatibility issues that arise from using RDS to host sessions.
RemoteFX is an advanced  suite of improvements to the Remote Display Protocol (RDP) that enhances the display experience for remote users, even on bandwidth-constrained networks. RemoteFX also improves access to peripherals such as those attached by USB port.

New 2019 Windows Server Remote Desktop Features:

•App Compatibility Feature on Demand (FoD) for Server Core
•Cluster Sets is the new cloud scale-out technology that increases cluster node count in a single SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) cloud by orders of magnitude. •Cluster Sets technology enables virtual machine fluidity across member clusters within a Cluster Set and a unified storage namespace across the "set" in support of virtual machine fluidity.
•Group Managed Service Accounts
•Host Device Access for Containers
•New Container Base Image: New base image in the Windows Server container collection. In addition to nanoserver and windowsservercore container images, the new windows image is now available. This image carries more components than its nanoserver and servercore siblings and supports applications that have additional API dependencies.
•Advanced Windows Defender Security

Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services gives you greater flexibility as it continues delivering the remote desktop experience you rely on. Work faster, smarter, and with more productivity with the new Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop. Take advantage of device CALS to add to your remote desktop needs as necessary.

Simplify IT management

We have time and again heard from customers that license management should focus on simplification to scale deployments. Over the past few years, we have focused on improving management of Remote Desktop (RD) Licensing servers and entitlement through Active Directory (AD).

  • Now, you will be able to leverage high availability RD Licensing servers with forward-compatibility for future versions of Windows Server to enable easier management of licenses from a variety of RDS releases.
  • We have also made it easier to manage licenses for your employees by bringing the ability for the RD Licensing servers to update RDS user Client Access Licenses (CALs) into AD objects without accessing AD directly.
  • Lastly, we added perfmon (Performance Counters) APIs to provide partners an easy way to access data to build monitoring dashboards and deliver a consistent user experience.

User experience

We have also invested in providing an enhanced user experience where end users will be able to leverage desktops and apps through RDS 2019 to maximize productivity.

  • To start, we have added modern notifications for RemoteApp in the Action Center to improve productivity with applications like Microsoft Outlook.
  • We have improved upon innovations in Discrete Device Assignment in RDS 2016 to bring better security, virtual machine (VM) isolation, and performance for your graphic-intensive workloads. These improvements in GPU virtualization technologies will result in reduced network traffic and smooth video playback.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 rds cal for business server

  • In addition to the GPU virtualization technology, we added high-level redirection of built-in or attached video cameras to deliver optimized video stream at higher frame rates in new and legacy remote applications and desktops. Users can now have a better experience with video-intensive interactions.

Microsoft Windows Server 2019-connected devices. Order your RDS 50 User CAL

  • Lastly, we have reduced CPU usage on the client and server and bandwidth with better image quality to bring a faster end-to-end web client experience.


One of our primary goals as the Remote Desktop Services product team is to help improve your security posture for your desktop and app virtualization environments. We have improved security through several enhancements.

  • With Windows Admin Center integration, it is easy to consolidate all local and remote server management into a single pane.
  • We have brought several Windows Defender optimizations for multi-session to give you more confidence in bringing a secure, scalable and cost-effective desktop experience to end users.
  • We also added web client support for Single Sign-on (SSO) to deliver a streamlined authentication experience for users connecting via the web client.
  • A few additional features include easy-to-configure DTLS-based encryption, all of which, work toward providing a trusted end-to-end RDS deployment.

Deploying RDS 2019 on Azure

We recognize that giving you the ability and making it easier to deploy RDS on Azure gives you a lot of flexibility, scalability, security and several other advantages of Azure. To improve flexibility and ease of cloud adoption, we also support hybrid deployments where the infrastructure roles can be in Azure while the host Virtual Machines (VMs) can be on-premises.

Key enhancements for deploying RDS 2019 on Azure include using Azure Key Vault for simplified certificate management and using Azure SQL DB for the RD licensing high-availability feature.

Lastly, later in October we will announce the availability of Remote Desktop Services (RDS) subscriptions through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. The availability of RDS in CSP addresses customer needs for additional cost-effective solutions that support desktop and app virtualization.

With RDS Subscriptions, partners can directly sell RDS subscriptions through our CSP program, eliminating the extra step of customers and partners acquiring different licenses through various programs. With this model, customers can enjoy a faster licensing cycle due to CSP integration with other Microsoft licenses including Windows Server, SQL Server, and Office to make it easy for partners to simplify the buying process.

For more technical information on RDS 2019, please refer to the RDS documentation page.

Download Windows Server 2019 that includes RDS 2019 now.

Frequently asked questions

Q: When will I be able to download the final version of Windows Server 2019?

A: Windows Server 2019 that includes RDS 2019 became generally available on October 2, 2018. It is available for evaluation and download through Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).

Q: Is Remote Desktop Server included in Windows Server 2019?

A: Yes. Remote Desktop Server 2019 will be a server role in Windows Server 2019.

Q: How do we view this announcement with Windows Virtual Desktop announcement at Ignite?

A: This is the most up-to-date version of RDS to enable running the latest on-premises multi-session virtualization available with Windows Server. Windows Virtual Desktop is a desktop and application virtualization service on Azure. Read the blog post Microsoft 365 adds modern desktop on Azure for more information.

Q: How is RDS on Azure different from Windows Virtual Desktop?

A: RDS is the ideal on-premises desktop and application virtualization solution, with a Windows Server operating system to provide a multi-session desktop experience. When deployed on Azure, you can scale your deployment and manage RD infrastructure roles in your own subscription. Windows Virtual Desktop enables customers to deliver a brand-new multi-session capability with a full Windows 10 experience, with the scale and flexibility of Azure. With this new service, Microsoft manages the infrastructure roles. Windows Virtual Desktop will be available for public preview later this calendar year. For more information, please visit the product page.

Q: Will there be a path to go from RDS to Windows Virtual Desktop?

A: Yes, we are developing Azure documentation guidance for this migration path as Windows Virtual Desktop gets closer to public preview later in calendar year 2018.

Install RDS User/Device CALs on the Remote Desktop License Server:

Install RDS CALs on the Remote Desktop license server, to allow the license server to issue Remote Desktop Services client access licenses (RDS CALs).

  • Install RDS CALs on the Remote Desktop license server

The following sections explain these procedures in detail.

Install RDS CALs on the Remote Desktop license server

To install Remote Desktop Services client access licenses (RDS CALs) automatically
  1. On the left side of the window, click Remote Desktop Services, and then click Servers, select the server RDCB1, and then click RD Licensing Manager.

  2. Right-click the license server RDCB1, and then click Install Licenses.

  3. In the Install Licenses Wizard, on the Welcome to the Install Licenses Wizard page, click Next.

  4. On the License Program page, select License Pack (Retail Purchase), and then click Next.

  5. Enter the 5x5 Retail license key that you received by email after the purchase from us, click Add, and then click Next.

  6. Click Finish, to complete installation of the licenses. The license server can now issue RDS CALs to clients that connect to a Remote Desktop Services deployment.

windows server rds cal for device user licensing

Verify Licensing for the Remote Desktop Services

To verify the functionality of the deployment, use Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to connect to the remote host. The use of the license will be verified on the Remote Desktop license server.

  • Verify client connectivity:

    • To verify client connectivity in a session-based desktop deployment: Establish a client connection in a session-based desktop deployment using a valid license

    • To verify client connectivity in a virtual machine-based desktop deployment: Establish a client connection in a virtual machine-based desktop deployment using a valid license

  • Verify the RDS CAL by using Remote Desktop Licensing Manager

windows server remote desktop services activation code for rds gateway